Do you noticed some problems with a refrigerator? ABC is ready to provide refrigerator troubleshooting services at any moment.  

ABC is a team of professional technicians providing an emergency repair services in Los Angeles.

Why you should choose ABC?

  • ABC is an emergency services first of all. You may call us any time, even on holidays;
  • ABC is a team of the qualified, skilled and experienced repair technicians;
  • ABC has an extensive experience in fixing home appliances;
  • We use our experience to provide you with the best repair services in Los Angeles at reasonable prices;
  • ABC gives you a 90 day guarantee;
  • ABC provides repair services city wide.

A refrigerator is one the most expensive and necessary household appliances.  

You can go without any other household appliance, but not without a refrigerator. If you`re having any problems with your refrigerator, you should start with searching for a professional fix refrigerator service, not with going to a shop to buy a new one. It will substantially save a family budget.

The most common refrigerators` breakdown types:

  • a refrigerator runs without stopping;
  • water in a refrigerator;
  • a frozen ice on refrigerator`s wall;
  • a light in a refrigerator does not switch on;
  • water flows from a refrigerator;
  • temperature is too low;
  • a bad smell in a refrigerator;
  • a refrigerator does not switch on and switch off;
  • strange sounds.  

A refrigerator has the work cycles. During the one working hour, it has to rest 3-4 times. If a refrigerator runs without stopping for a long period of time, it means something went wrong. In such a case you should switch off a refrigerator and call us immediately. It is highly likely a refrigerator compressor repair is needed.

The reason of low temperature may be caused by door gasket deterioration. ABC will provide refrigerator gasket repair and replacement services in no time.

ABC  provide the following repair services as well:

  • refrigerator freezer repair;
  • refrigerator door repair;
  • refrigerator water dispenser repair;
  • refrigerator dryer repair.

We`ve mentioned the most widespread failure types. Although, remember only a highly skilled and experienced technician can precisely diagnose your refrigerator, clarify a true reason of a breakdown and repair it. Do not try to fix a refrigerator by yourself.

ABC repairs the refrigerators produced by the following brands: Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, General Electric, Kenmore, Maytag, Viking, Frigidaire, KitchenAid, Sears Appliance. We use spare parts manufactured by official producers only.

ABC provides even rv refrigerator repair services.

If you are a lucky owner of any of recreational vehicle, you definitely will be disappointed by  RV refrigerator breakdown. Such news may jeopardize your holiday plans. We understand that in such a situation you don’t have a lot of time. Call us and we come as soon as possible, so you can enjoy your holiday.

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