How to remove a scale from a washing machine at home?

A life duration of a washing machine is around 10 years. However, this time can be shorter. There are a lot of negative factor, including improper operation and scale on the machine parts. It easy to read an operational manual, but how to remove a scale at home? Let’s talk about the most popular methods.

Scale and reasons of its appearance

A scale is solid deposits that appear on the walls and parts of the water heating containers (steam boilers, kettles, boiler). A scale on THE (tubular heating element) of a laundry machine, and on the machine walls as well, is one of the examples of scale appearance.  The scale deposits are caused by a strong concentration of magnesium salt and calcium in a city water; during heating, they settle on the machine parts in the form of scale.

It not an easy task – to see a scale, as THE is hidden behind a drum. There are some factors, that can convince you to buy a special anti scale agent for a washing machine or use the proved folk methods. These factors are:

  • city water is too hard;
  • a machine works too often at a high heat temperature;
  • usage of the chemical agents, containing a lot of harmful impurities;
  • a machine works during long period of time; and the drum and THE have never been made.

A frequency use of a super wash regime should be a big problem, as a washing machine was designed for it. However, it requires care procedures, as any other appliance.

Why you should remove a scale?

Is it important to clean a washing machine from time to time? The point is a human eye can’t see most of the impurities. The main consequences of scale:

  • dirt and scale damage a heating device,negate the effectiveness of its work and enable a rapid parts wear;  
  • a low heating level of water in a machine;
  • increasing of power consumption;
  • a machine does not cleaning clothing well, it has bad odor;
  • the parts of scale, dirt and rust block up the drain pump filter, what causes problems with water drain from a machine;  
  • an appliance does not work anymore, the parts replacement is required.

In serious cases, when a machine does not wash, you need to call a technician. A heat element replacement requires a huge expenses. The measure taken in time will save your money and prolong a life of an appliance. It is not necessary to buy an anti scale agent, you`ll find everything you need right in your kitchen.  

How remove a lime scale from a washing machine at home?

It almost impossible to see a lime scale by yourself and reach it as well. Then, how you can remove a lime scale from a washing machine? The machine`s owners may use available resources that are in a kitchen cabinet, mainly citric acid, vinegar and soda. The purchase of the professional cleaning agents. In advanced cases, an assistance of  the specialists is needed. A specialist will remove and clean it by hand. It is cheaper, than buying a new part.

Citric acid

Many of us clean the kettles and pans with the help of citric acid. It will fight with a scale as well. This universal agent will dissolve a lime scale and remove a fust. How to clean a washing machine, using a citric acid?

  1. Put 100-200 gram of an acid into a washing powder dispenser;  
  2. Choose a “Cotton” mode;
  3. Choose a temperature in the range of 90 to 95 degrees. A citric acid will interact with scale. A scale will be dissolved in the result;  
  4. Push a button to start washing. Do not load the washing into a washing machine drum. A cleaning is done at no load. A spinning is not required, unlike an additional rinse cycle;
  5. Repeat the procedure once in 3-6 months, depending on frequency of use.

The main advantages of a citric acid is affordability and zero harm, as it does not damage a washing machine`s parts.

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