How to get rid of a bad smell in a refrigerator quickly and effectively?

Many of us know that awful smell that you feel when open a refrigerator’s door. Before find out how to get rid of a smell in a refrigerator, you need to understand why this smell occurs. Even if you control the products in a refrigerator, a bad odor, nevertheless, arises. The removal of a cause will be the main step to solve a problem.

The shops and supermarkets offer us a variety of cleaning products, assisting to return a fresh smell into a refrigerator. But you may use a home cleaning methods as well. They are effective too. What kind of cleaning products to choose is up to every house lady to decide.  

How to get the smell out quickly?

The most easy and effective method of getting the smell out is to make a deep cleaning.It is necessary to take all the content out of a refrigerator, make complete cleaning and bring back to a refrigerator only good and fresh food.

A procedure is really easy:

  1. switch off a refrigerator or push a button that stops freezing;
  2. take off all the food out of all compartments and doors;
  3. take off all the shelves and inner parts. They should be washed separately;
  4. wash the refrigerator`s inside area by using the appropriate cleaning solution;
  5. dry all the parts and shelves, clean an inside area with a dry rag. Leave the door opened for a few hours and air the inside space;  
  6. bring all the products back and throw all the wasted products away. Put into a refrigerator an odor-remover. These measures help quickly to get rid of any smell. It will be pleasant to open a refrigerator in a few hours. It is important to remember how to avoid smell.   

It is easy to decide what put into a refrigerator to get rid of a bad odor as there are a lot of options. It may be the special absorbent bought in a shop, or home sorbents, which are as good as shop absorbents.

The reasons of occurrence of a bad odor

Having a deep cleaning of a refrigerator is a good extreme step. This step takes a lot of time. That’s why it is important to find out the reasons of occurrence of a bad odor and avoid it. There are several factors for a bad odor:

  1. A new refrigerator smells by the plastic parts, metal inserts and greasing substances. A superficial cleaning and airing required right after buying a new refrigerator. Do it before filling a new refrigerator with food.
  2. Storing of the products without packages provokes a bad odor of each of a product to spread the inner space and stays on all sides and other products.
  3. Failure of products storing period, especially if it is fish, meat or sausages. They itself has a steady smell and if they start to spoil, this odor becomes a real disaster.
  4. A refrigerator`s defect becomes a reason of a bad odor. A locked drain node with impounded water may cause a bad smell and provoke generation of bacteria and microbes.
  5. Electricity irregularity provokes unfreezing and freezing of a refrigerator`s content, what also causes bad odor.

It is not a big deal to find out the reasons of a bad odor if you know what kind of products are in your refrigerator, how long they are in a refrigerator.   

How to remove a bad odor?

In order to identify the best cleaning source for a refrigerator`s insides to avoid bad smell, it is enough to try several different cleaning products and choose the one that suits best for you. The diversity of cleaning products gives an opportunity for every lady to find an appropriate way to fight with this problem. The most popular neutralizing agents are:

  1. Water solution with liquid ammonia, soda or vodka with a lemon are able to replace the best cleaning solutions selling in supermarkets. They can make a surface clean again and bring a nice smell.
  2. Natural neutralizing agents mentioned above. These are soda, ground coffee, cutted apple, activated carbon, mixture of vinegar and water or orange rind. It is easy to put a capacity with a sorbent agent on a shelf, its activity will be effective and lasting.
  3. Carbon filters or balloons with silica-gel. You can purchase them in a shop. They can absorb a bad smell, if they are replaced on a regular basis, they will maintain a nice aroma.

You may also buy a special product for washing a refrigerator with a smell removal, and wash refrigerator`s surface periodically. Such cleaning will give a clean and fresh results. By trying different ways of bad odor removals, you will find out the one most convenient and effective.

Useful advices on bad odor removal   

Even the most responsible house ladies may forget about some product, and remember only when there is such a smell that leaves no doubt about rotted product in a refrigerator. It might be a meat left to unfreeze, fish or even a glass of a spoiled milk.  There are some tips and recommendations for you to clean the smell of spoiled products. Moreover, these rules are easy and clear.

How to get rid of the meat smell?

A tainted meat not only smells bad, but also produces the harmful substances, mainly ammonia and sulfurated hydrogen, settling on another products. This tainted smell penetrates into all parts of a refrigerator. In order to get rid of this tainted shell, you need make such a deep cleaning:

  1. Switch of a refrigerator, take all products out
  2. Clean all inner surfaces by any cleaning source
  3. make a water solution with liquid ammonia, or a lemon juice, or a soda, and process all interiors of a refrigerator by a received mixture
  4. Rub all walls and shelves with the help of a dry and clean napkin, and leave a refrigerator opened for one or two hours.

The problem will vanish after such deep cleaning. You need attentively choose what products to put back at a refrigerator and avoid bringing back packages soaked with a tainted smell.

How to get rid of a fish smell?

Sea and river food, mainly fish of any types are famous for their firm aroma both in a raw and prepared state. That is why, specialists do not recommend to storage fish. It is better to prepare and eat it. But if you had not another choice and now a refrigerator smells bad, you need to make a deep cleaning.

The procedure is pretty the same as for cleaning to get rid of meat smell: you need to switch of a refrigerator, take everything out of it and wash it. All the surfaces should be rubbed with a lemon juice and leave it opened for two or three hours. The remaining of juice should be wiped off by a dry and clean napkin, and again leave it opened for airing. Then you can fill a refrigerator with food.

How to get rid of a smell of newly bought refrigerator?

The manufacturers do not recommend to fill a just bought refrigerator with food. If you open, an empty appliance, you may feel a smell of plastic or greasing substances. If you take food into a refrigerator, you should be ready that your food will have a smell of plastic. At first, you need to wash all walls, interiors of your refrigerator with  wet napkin, adding washing source, and leave it opened for a couple of days. These measures will help to remove a problem with smell.

You may replace a washing source with a water solution and a lemon juice. A lemon aroma will absorb all unpleasant smells, and leave a clean and fresh air.

Now you know how to get rid of a bad odor with the help of natural remedies and shop cleaning products. It is not the most pleasant process, and it takes some time, but the result will make you happy.

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