How to clean a microwave owen

A microwave oven is a steady assistant in making, heating dishes and defrosting a food stuff. A correct care is important both for a microwave oven and for any other household appliance. The specialists recommend to clean a microwave oven on a regular basis. A heavy layer of a dirt may cause a short circuit. How to clean a microwave oven in a home with no difficulty?  Let`s view several quick and proved methods!


Key information and some rules

The inner surface of an oven is made from a film to reflect SHF-waves. This film is easy to damage, so do not use rough leaning agents, metal brushes for cleaning purposes as you can scrape a surface.

Observe the following rules:

  1. Before start cleaning, make sure you switched off a microwave
  2. Do not touch airhole during a procedure
  3. the inner surface is allowed to be cleaned by wet wiper only, otherwise you are risky to flood the sensing elements. Wipe it dry. It related to a managing board with buttons.
  4. Do not decompound a microwave oven.

Special products

Almost every manufacturer of a household chemistry can offer special products to clean your microwave oven, that can clean your microwave from fat inside. But not every house lady can afford them, as their cost is high, and moreover it is not easy to find them.

Household assistants

You can clean your SHF-oven with the help of means, which you can find in any house. Let’s look at some easy methods that clean your microwave oven in 5 minutes.

Vapour-related methods

The very dirty appliance with dried food can be cleaned with the help a vapour. Put a dish filled with a water and switch on for a few seconds, using the most powerful program. The remains will soften and you can remove them easily by a soft brush.

The effectiveness of a vapour method can be increased if put additional ingredients into a water.

Pour a water and vinegar solution into a dish designed for SH-ovens. The proportions are the following: add three tablespoons of vinegar into a glass of water, and switch on an oven using the most powerful regime. The procedure duration is 10 minutes. A vinegar helps to splint a long-term fat and food remains, so you can remove them from an inner surface with the help of a soft brush.

A smell of vinegar can stay after such cleaning. You can get rid of it, if you leave a door opened. Or use another methods described below.  

Two in one: clean of smell and dirt

The effectiveness of cleaning a microwave oven with the help of lemon, orange and even mandarin is proved.

Method 1

Run water and add cutted citrus fruits into a deep plate designed for SHF, and switch on a microwave oven at the highest power during 5-10 minutes. Fruits absorb smell and fat, and a vapour soften a dirt,so it is easy to delete it by a sponge or a plastic brush, if dirt is too strong.

Method 2

Cut a lemon into two parts and heavily polish the inner walls of an appliance. Wash a microwave oven with the help of a brush in 50-60 minutes and wipe dry. The procedure allows to clean SHF-oven and rid of a bad odor.

A lemon additionally will blanch the walls of a microwave oven.

Method 3

An orange, lemon and grapefruit peels can help to clean a microwave oven. Put the peels into a cup with water and switch on n appliance for 5-6 minutes. A vapour will soften a dirt, so it will be easy to remove it. A  microwave oven will have a citrus smell.

Method 4

The coffee beans absorb a smell. Take several tablespoons of a ground coffee, put it into a plate, and let it say for a night, but leave a door opened.

An advice: leave a door opened after using a microwave oven, so the smell of prepared food will vanish.

These methods can be used for riding of a smell for a refrigerator and an oven. Put a plate with coffee, activated carbon, salt or citrus peels and close a kitchen appliance.  

Simple care rules

There are some service instructions for a microwave oven:

  1. cover a dish with a special top that will protect the appliance`s walls from fat and dirt sprays, and food remains. It is easier to wash a top, than a microwave oven
  2. wipe a microwave oven with a wet napkin or a soft brush
  3. wash a  microwave oven inside out too. It is a good idea to dust a back wall periodically.
  4. a small window is better to clean by a special product for washing of glasses surfaces.
  5. it is important to wash a microwave oven as often as possible, because we use it for preparing and heating the food.

The cleaning process for a microwave oven is not difficult and does not require a huge finance expenses. The described methods are effective and safe. The specialists do not recommend to use a household chemistry and scented products for these purposes, as it may penetrate a prepared food. As you heavily washed your kitchen assistant, you need to follow the rules for caring your small kitchen devices. It is easier to maintain clearness, than to wash snuff, fat sprays and dried food.  

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