Freezer repair services is one of the main services provided by our company.

We provide comprehensive service, including freezers maintenance, both for industrial and home freezers .  

ABC is the best emergency repair service in Los Angeles.

Our team consists of the true skilled, qualified and experienced technicians, working for you 24/7. ABC is working even on holidays, so feel free to call us anytime. We use our huge experience to make your life easier. As the repair services are done, we provide you with 90 day quality guarantee.

We perform services and maintenance for the following appliances:

  • home freezer compartments;
  • industrial freezing equipment;
  • chiller cabinets and cooling chests.

Freezers are the equipment designed to a long-term product storage. A stated low temperature is maintained inside a freezing chamber. While maintaining a low temperature, there are should be no ice on the freezer walls, no strange sounds. Any operational disorder means occurrence of failure.

The most widespread breakages of the freezers:

  • freon leak;
  • compressor breakdown;
  • temperature or air sensor collapse;
  • temperature control failure;
  • control unit breakdown;
  • door gasket deterioration.

This list of breakages is not all-inclusive. Only experienced and qualified technician can correctly identify a problem and perform a professional repair service. Do not try to repair a freezer by yourself, as it may exacerbate a problem.  

A repair service procedure consists of three stages:

  1. A diagnostic of a freezing equipment;
  2. Identification of a defect cause;
  3. Repair or replacement of the defective parts.

A freezer`s failure can be a very unpleasant surprise for its owner.

You may not have any other suitable appliance for a long-term storage of the products. Especially, if a freezer is used for the commercial purposes, in a cafe, a restaurant, or a mall, etc.  

ABC has the necessary experience, the professional equipment, tools and spare parts needed for a quick and qualified repair services for your freezer. ABC repairs the freezing machines of the leading brands such as SamsungMaytagAmanaKenmoreFrigidaireGeneral Electric, Liebherr, Gorenje, Beko, Zanussi, Electrolux, Elenberg, Haier, Snaige, Indesit, Bosch.

If you are an owner of an industrial freezing equipment, you need the professional and regular maintenance services.

A  correct and expert maintenance excludes an early breakage of a freezer, and allows a technician find out and remove any problems possible on an early stage. ABC understand how a freezing machines are important for your business. We are ready to lengthen a life of your equipment. A freezing machine will work for you as long as possible.

If your freezer does not switch on, or temperature inside a freezing chamber is not low enough, just give us a call, inform us with a mark and model of a freezer, and give us a brief description of a problem. ABC`s experienced technician will come to you at any time in any part of Los Angeles.

You may also order a call, by pushing a button Request a call, and we`ll call you as soon as possible.

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