A/C repair (HVAC)

Below are the most common problems for A/C repair:

  1. No Power – Damaged Wiring
  2. Low Refrigerant (Freon)
  3. Fan not functioning
  4. Frozen Coils

Air Conditioning and Heating are one of the most important appliances in every household. Air conditioners help keep the air cool and reduce air pollution. Let’s face it; during a summer in Los Angeles, it is almost impossible to live without a functioning air conditioning. That is why at ABC, we go the extra mile to make sure that your air conditioning is working year round. Whether your unit is on the roof, in the window, or in the backyard, we will make sure to access the unit by any means necessary. We know how it feels to be without air conditioning in the summer and we do not want you and your loved ones to have to suffer through the California heat without cool air flowing through your household. Give us a call today if you are having any problems with your air conditioner and our highly trained air conditioning specialists will be happy to assist. You can find more details about our home appliance repair service on our homepage.

Pro Tip: Air Conditioning units can have a wide range of problems. Check your air filters once a month to make sure they are free of lint and dust. Once you see that your air filter is mainly covered with lint and dust, make sure to replace the air filter.

Appliance Repair – Easy as A, B, C.