A cleaning of a dishwasher – how and when?

At first sight, it seems that a dishwasher does not require a cleaning. This is not true. With time flow, the machine details are getting dirty, what may cause a dishwasher breakdown.

A food remaining, parts of a cleaning agent, as well as bloom and scale stay on a separate parts of a machine. It will negatively impact on a machine work.

A cleaning of a dishwasher machine does not take a lot of time. If you are doing it on a regular basis, you need only 10-15 minutes. Let’s see more specifically hot to wash a dishwasher machine.  

A screen filter is the most dirty place

If you need to clean a dishwasher machine, you should start with a screen filter.  

A screen filter is the main place where dirt accumulates. That is why it is highly recommended to clean it as often as possible, for example, once a week. The deposits of fat, cleaning agent and food remaining accumulate on a little screen, what causes a bad odor.  

A screen filter is easily extracts, as a lower gasket is situated on a  machine bottom. This gasket is easy to disaggregate. All details should be washed by a washing agent and rinse off. Then all details should be returned on their places.

Get the blades clean

The blades should be washed as and when they get dirty.  If talking about the level of a dirt accumulation, the blades can`t be compared with filters. Nevertheless, blades also need some care.

If a dishwasher allows, you may take the blades out and wash them under a water stream, using a cleaning agent. If needed, holes in the blades can be cleaned with the help of toothpick.

It is vital that blades spin around easily after cleaning. If not so, it may be caused by a scale. You need to clean an axle.

Gaskets also requires to be clean

Gaskets require to be cleaned every six months by a special remedy recommended for a dishwasher machine.

It is allowed to use a toothbrush or a just a brush for cleaning.

It is not recommended to use for remedies for gasket cleaning. For example, lemon acid may negatively impact on a rubber gasket. It may cause a gasket to leak water and a machine starts to flow.

A dead zone

If you want to have a quality cleaning of a dishwasher, you should not forget about hard-to-reach places. So called dead zone is situated in a lower part of a door and needs a cleaning as well. A dirt accumulates in this dead zone. That is why water can’t reach this place.

How to get rid of mold and rust?


Definitely, it is better to prevent an appearance of a mold, rather than fight with it. You just need to leave a door half opened, so an appliance can have an airing and get dry.

If a mold is in a washing machine, a soda and vinegar will help you. The shelves and walls needed to be washed by a solution of soda and vinegar.

You can also use a spray bottle with white vinegar and hot water solution, in the proportion approximately 1:1 (you can a little more water). Such solution is a good mold disinfection.   

Another option is to put a container with vinegar on an upper shelf and switch on a washing regime at a highest temperature. Then take a glass of a soda and pour it on a bottom of a dishwasher and switch on a washing regime.


If you need to delete a rust, you should use the special products –  lime and rust remover. Such products are allowed to use only without kitchenware in a dishwasher.

It has been said that bleach powdering is used for rust removing purposes. You should remember that a bleach powdering is forbidden to be used for appliances made of stainless steel.

Make a dishwasher clean out of a scale

In order to get a dishwasher clean out of a scale, you need to purchase a special tools and start a washing cycle with no kitchenware inside a dishwashing machine following the instruction for such a tool.  

There are a diversity of special products for scale removal. It’s up to you to decide. It may be Finish or other brands, like HG, Soda sun, Somat, Toppe, etc.

If you want to avoid a scale problem, you need to add salt on a regular basis while washing a machine.

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